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In today's fast-paced digital age, businesses often find it challenging to establish authentic and meaningful connections with their audience, resorting to outdated marketing strategies that no longer resonate. Teppo is on a mission to change that. By harnessing the endless possibilities of web3 technology, we gamify and innovate marketing, transforming it into an enjoyable and interactive experience. From seminars to supermarkets, our solutions encourage users to explore and engage with brands in a whole new way. Let's get rid of boring coupons and start sharing cool valuables instead.

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At Teppo, we're revolutionizing engagement by merging the physical and digital. In collaboration with forward-thinking companies, we strategically place special tap-points at events, stores, and other significant locations.When you use your phone to tap these points, our cutting-edge technology generates one-of-a-kind, uncopyable digital tokens, confirming your presence and granting you valuable NFTs as reward. You can collect, treasure, and trade these unique art pieces.

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Our platform operates on the Hedera network, a state-of-the-art and eco-friendly public ledger. This network ensures your digital treasures remain safe and unalterable. The tags are AES-128 encrypted and cannot be copied. We safeguard your privacy with a fervent promise: we don't exploit, hoard, or peddle personal data. There's no algorithm guiding you; instead, you dictate the journey.

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We promise to create only win-win situations, by reshaping rewards to benefit everyone. Companies see a surge in engagement and brand loyalty, customers create their unique digital art gallery, and artists showcase their talents to a broader audience. Our innovative approach ensures everyone comes out on top.

it's fun

Picture a place where anyone can join in, fostering real-world connections while expressing themselves freely. It's a playground of excitement and creativity, a realm where you're encouraged to explore, interact, and discover. We're here to transform your phone from an addictive device into a gateway to a new world of experiences.

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Hi, we're team Teppo. A bunch of creative, tech-savvy innovators forging a new path where online and offline worlds converge. Our multinational team embodies this spirit of global collaboration. Fundamental to our philosophy is the potent influence of play. We reject the mundane and ordinary, embracing the extraordinary. In a world brimming with standardized offerings, we're here to inject magic, fun, and adventure. In a society that often overlooks the simple joy of the moment, we embrace the idea of recreation and relaxation. We aim to rekindle the enchantment that comes from discovery, and the fulfillment found in genuine interactions.Are you ready to explore the limitless possibilities with us?

3rd place Hedera Hackathon winner 2023 (former name: GeoTap) • in-house Hedera & NFC technology expertise • partnered with ETRNL.app (secure NFC DNA tags verification) • featured at Hedera Twitter space • featured twice at the hbarbull weekly update • showcased at Hello Future LIVE • Winner of the Hedera Incubator Program 2023

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